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Junior Programs
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History of the Program
Our Junior Program is well known throughout New England for training top juniors of all ages. More top juniors have emerged from this club in the past decade than any other in the area. We have a program that will suit your child's needs and our highly trained staff follow a detailed lesson plan each week to insure that your child learns all the appropriate tactical and technical fundamentals so that they can become proficient and enjoy the game.

Quickstart & Progressive Tennis
Similar to other sports, Quickstart scales the game down to the proper ball, court size and rackets for the appropriate age. Players learn all aspects of the game at any age and level and can play matches, compete on teams and even play tournaments as young as 7 or 8 years old. “Playing the game” makes it so much more fun for children to learn and we have a comprehensive program that teaches coordination, reception skills, footwork and movement, racket and ball skills, all with the purpose of getting kids to enjoy and play the game. Quickstart is the #1 initiative for the USTA and we are one of the first clubs in Connecticut to fully utilize it.

Our Junior Program starts with beginners and goes all the way to level 1 (Tournament Training, top level Juniors). There is a group and level for everyone. We employ the Quickstart Program, made popular in Europe and Canada as Progressive Tennis.

Red Ball (8U) (Ages 5-8)

Fundamentals & Foundation
Our Red Ball Program gives children between 5 and 8 a great foundation for tennis. Designed for our youngest players to develop all basic skills and to associate tennis with fun. In accordance with QuickStart, children will work on coordination, timing, ball control, grips, and tactics on a 36 ft court with the red ball. A variety of fun and skill building games will be used to boost learning and enjoyment. Children 8 or older may be perfect for our QuickStart Junior Programs.

See Junior Brochure for Program Schedule and Pricing

Junior Clinics

Progressive Tennis Program
This QuickStart Tennis format is about fitting tennis to kids based on age and physical size. By modifying the court dimensions, equipment (racquets and balls), net height and scoring system coupled with a play component, kids will develop better technical and tactical skills. To give kids the confidence and ability to cover the entire court, score points and build an all-court game, the court is shorter and narrower for both levels. The net height is lower, too. By putting kids with similar physical and social skills together, they have more fun while learning and developing skills. Similar to other sports, children move from stage to stage based on level and proficiency. When each of these elements is used collaboratively, kids will achieve early success and stay in the game.

Our Junior QuickStart Program for beginner and intermediate players will involve training in all aspects of the game including stroke technique, footwork, strategy, consistency, and match play. Every child will receive a customized curriculum to enhance their development. If your child is between the ages of 5 and 8 see our Red Ball (8U) information.

See Junior Brochure for Program Schedule and Pricing

Varsity Training

Our Varsity Training Program is the ideal program that will help improve strategy, point play, footwork, and technique. This program will run in the “tournament training” format, in which our players will compete in fast-paced and challenging situations that will bring out their best in how they construct points and find ways to win. Players that participate in this program are competitive high school varsity players as well as those high school players who play all year round and participate in several USTA tournaments throughout the year.

See Junior Brochure for Program Schedule and Pricing

Tournament Training Program

Driven to create the premiere junior training program in the area, Brian Barker, long-time coach of ATP star James Blake, has returned to the Tennis Club of Trumbull to once again develop at the junior level. Joined by the rest of the elite TCT staff - including Matt Daly, Aaron Kusza, John Pagano, Paul Coorssen, Josh Tabackman, and Al Lindsey - Brian will utilize his world-class coaching experience for the benefit of up-and-coming talent. This is a unique opportunity to join the program in its infancy while space is still available. Each tournament training level is invitation-only and requires an evaluation for proper placement. Paired with our state-of-the-art facility with video analysis, fitness and mental training, our Tournament Training program stands as the pinnacle of our junior program and all others in the area.

Integrating the brilliance of Brian Barker, coupled with the experience of our world-class coaching staff, TCT's Tournament Training program is second to none in offering the most comprehensive training environment for top ranked players. Offering a perfect balance of on-court and off-court training, this program will challenge our students' capacity to excel in all facets of the game including: technique, point construction, footwork, mental toughness, winning tactics, fitness, stretching, nutrition, and much more!

See Tournament Training Brochure for Program Schedule and Pricing

Summer Tournament Training Tennis Academy

A weekly camp-style format that includes drilling, match play, fitness, video analysis, and much more. Tennis Academy will be held Mon-Thurs for all 8 weeks.

See Summer Brochure for Program Schedule and Pricing

Policies & Guidelines

• Club is not responsible for any injuries sustained on its courts or any part of the property. A separate waiver must be signed and returned to the club before participating in TCT programs.

• Customer is responsible for the full cost of private lessons, reserved open time, USTA matches and drop in programs (ex. Point Play) if they do not cancel 24 hours in advance.

• Free court time for those currently enrolled in TCT’s junior and adult clinics must be booked and played the same day and court time must be for the length of the clinic time and only free to clinic member. Does not apply to Junior Novice clinic or Adult Beginner clinic.

• No make-ups or credits for missed classes or cancellations due to inclement weather.

Injury Policy
Upon receipt of a doctor’s note, credit will be given for up to 3 weeks of absences for one injury per session. Doctor’s note must be received within 1 week of injury. Credit will not be given for injuries beyond 3 weeks unless the player is willing to give up their spot in the clinic. If the spot is relinquished credit will be given to the end of the session. Any illnesses (including COVID-19) are not covered by credit policy.

Cancellation Policy
Withdrawal or cancellation from a program after the deadline specified in the renewal letter and before the beginning of the session will result in the forfeiting of all deposit monies. If the customer cancels or drops out after the clinic start date the customer is responsible for the full cost of the clinic session.

Change Policy
Changes in clinic days, times or programs at the request of the player and/or parent, will be assessed a change fee of $150. If the change is the result of the Club management request or recommendation this change fee will not apply.

If you have additional questions, please email us at: